Transform your mind, body & spirit.

At The Healing Cuisine, our intention is to share the delicious simplicity of healing with whole organic food.  Through our, plant-based culinary classes, raw chef certification, raw food diet, juice cleanse detox programs, and private chef services, we provide services and education of healthy, lactose free, gluten free, live superfoods and macrobiotic gourmet ingredients.

ChocRaspCakeAt The Healing Cuisine we use the freshest organic local ingredients. We provide delicious nutritious meals and cold pressed juices for anyone wanting to improve their digestion and eat a more plant-based allergen-free diet. We cater to the plant-based 80/20 lifestyle, healthy “foodie” and raw vegan with high frequency allergen-free foods that feed the Microbiome and allow your immune system and taste buds to thrive.

Our experience, creativity, flexibility, passion and fun that we have in the kitchen will delight and inspire a quest for continued health and longevity. We take special care and attention to get to know our clients’ needs and preferences to customize each program to the individual or group.

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“We believe we are one with our planet and not separate from her. What we need to survive is as basic as it is for Gaia. Nourishing ourselves, our family and our community through whole organic food, heals and has a positive impact on everything. In this time of conscious evolution we are experiencing great change and manifesting new realities together.”

Meet the Chef

Joanne Gerrard Young

Joanne Gerrard Young is an international chef, holistic nutritionist, health educator and mother. She is a leader in the organic and non-gmo food movements. Her mission is to teach people that healthy food can be delicious and fulfilling and to raise awareness of the amazing healing, clarifying and energizing powers of whole organic foods. Her desire to help people reconnect to the source of their nutrition and heal their bodies by feeding the microbiome is contagious. Joanne is excited to teach parents and caregivers how to eliminate high allergen foods and create delicious nutritious foods that children will eat and enjoy.

Joanne has been working in the culinary arts and holistic nutrition fields, sharing the delicious simplicity of healing with whole organic food, for over 20 years. She has gained fundamental healing experience and knowledge working closely with naturopathic doctors, herbalists, alternative healers, doctors of Chinese medicine and leaders in the culinary field.

In 2012 Joanne was hailed Master Raw Food Chef by Viktorus Kulvinskas co- founder with Ann Wigmore of the Hippocrates Institute. She has a way of weaving the energetic and life filled foods into the common diet plan. Although Joanne is not a “fully raw” chef it is with great honor and inspiration she receives this title and has truly enjoyed the ability to integrate more living foods to her highly plant based repertoire of recipes and to become a part of the movement towards a more compassionate planet.

Joanne is thrilled to be studying to become a functional medicine practitioner as it is the leading edge in scientific research into human physiology that will tie together all of her knowledge and intuition about healing through food.

Joanne’s classes, chef services and cleanse programs have been sought after by celebrities from actors, supermodels and photographers to CEOs, professional athletes musicians, producers and anyone wishing for positive change in their lives. Joanne is the personal plant based chef to Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady in Costa Rica.


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Classes & Certification

The Healing Cuisine is excited to offer an Intensive Raw Food Preparation Certification Course lead by Master Raw Food Chef Joanne Gerrard Young. Learn the Living Food Lifestyle!

Joanne, Students & Viktoras Kulvinskas

The Healing Cuisine’s Raw Food Preparation Certification is an intensive program where you will learn the basics of the living food lifestyle and receive knowledge to incorporate this program into your daily life, or add raw food to your chef repertoire. Your tuition includes course manuals and materials, a guide to stocking your pantry, meal planning, recipes and hands on experience. Also included is a day with the grandfather of raw food and co-founder of the Hippocrates Institute, Viktoras Kulvinskas, as well as a visit to La Paz finca with Terri Zacanti, co-founder of the Living Light Institute. You will also receive a Certificate of Completion for Raw Food Preparation from The Healing Cuisine and Master Raw Food Chef, Joanne Gerrard Young.

The healing cuisine offers a variety of classes for creating incredible, healthy & nutritious meals. Both group and private classes are available. Read below for more information!

Living foods made easy

Discover how simple it can be to add more life energy to your daily routine, learn easy ways to improve your health. Enjoy a four course lunch plus refreshments. Start with a Superfood Smoothie followed by Mixed Greens with Green Gaia dressing, a Creamy Squash Bisque then enjoy a main course of Zucchini Spaghetti topped with Brazil Nut Parmesan and finish your living foods meal with a delicious Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Cashew Cream and an Almond Milk Chai Tea.

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Superfood breakfasts

Start the day out right, increase your energy, feel satisfied and nourished with delicious superfood breakfasts. Learn to create Superfood Cereal, Live Tropical Mueslii, Buckwheat Groatmeal and Apple Spiced Hazelnut Porridge. You will also discover some of the amazing superfoods of Costa Rica.

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Crunchy goodness

Living raw foods are cooked to perfection by the sun and full of life giving nutrients as well as water. To make raw cuisine more interesting we use the dehydrator to create things that are reminiscent of the foods we love to crunch and munch on. Learn to create fruit leathers, sweet and savoury crusts, crackers, breads and veggy chips.

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Decadent guilt free desserts

Discover how you can create delicious, rich and creamy vegan desserts that leave you feeling energized and satisfy that sweet tooth. We will create Key Lime Pie, Passionfruit Cheescake, Superfood Chocolate Fondue, Cookies and Tropical Fruit Pie.

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Nourish your body, mind and spirit with a detoxifying juice cleanse, plant-based food detox or raw food & juice cleanse program.

Why do a cleanse?

Over time, toxins build up in the body as the result of pollutants in the air we breathe, the chemicals we apply to our skin and hair and the additives in the food and water we consume. We begin to experience lethargy, aches and pains and allergies. Often times we attribute these symptoms of toxicity to the natural process of aging or to a condition that we have always lived with. A cleansing organic raw food diet or an organic juice fast are both effective and safe methods of helping the body detoxify.

The benefits of plant-based food

improved digestion, assimilation & elimination
more energy
increased mental clarity
amplified senses
balanced pH & blood sugar levels
weight loss & weight management
strengthened immune & nervous systems
enhanced sense of well-being

Visiting Costa Rica?

Ask your concierge to call us, or email us at [email protected] and we can coordinate with your hotel or house manager. We order the freshest organic ingredients which can take some time in Costa Rica. We work with over 40 organic farms and suppliers to ensure the best quality. Please allow up to 5 days before starting your cleanse, we may be able to start you sooner, but due to ordering times and delivery dates, please allow us some flexibility on start dates. Please contact us for our current pricing.

Want to do a cleanse?

We are always excited to assist people who want to make a positive shift in their mind, body and spirit. If you’re interested in visiting us in Costa Rica, we host retreats throughout the year, but can accommodate you at any time. Please contact us for more information.

3 DAY Juice Cleanse

Boost your immune system, begin releasing toxins from your blood and add an enormous boost of nutrients to your system.

5 DAY Juice Cleanse

Increase your energy, strengthen your immune system, detoxify your blood and begin releasing toxins from your organs.

5 DAY Raw Food / Juice Cleanse

The gentlest experience for first-time cleansers. 3 days of juicing with raw food days at the start and finish line.

7 DAY Juice Cleanse

Experience clarity of mind, detoxify blood and organ systems, increase immune function, balance pH levels, and weight loss.

7 DAY Raw Food / Juice Cleanse

Start with raw food, then 5 great days of juicing finished off with a final day of delicious raw food.

10 DAY Juice Cleanse

Profound cleanse for clarity of mind, strengthened immune & nervous systems, improved digestion & elimination, amplified senses, increased well being, and increased energy.

Support Materials:

In addition to the daily meals we also provide: limes and cayenne, probiotics, digestive enzymes, mineral clay, liver support tea and a blood cleansing chlorophyll mint tea, a schedule and handbook to walk you through the program, loofah, bowel cleanse fibre, detox and supportive teas and broths.

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Amazingly delicious and abundantly healthy raw food meals delivered to your door. Includes digestive enzymes, liver & blood cleansing teas.


Delicious, nutritious juices, superfood smoothies, cleansing and detoxifying teas, coconut water & reviving potassium broth.

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“Eating Joanne’s Healing food reminds me of our connection to our beautiful planet. Every meal a reflection of love and vitality, is better than the one before. Joanne’s food is an extension of her… pure, passionate, and connected.”

Gisele Bündchen, Supermodel, Philanthropist

Although I have eaten raw food and have completed cleanse programs before, I was a little apprehensive to undertake a juice fast. I had heard great things about The Healing Cuisine and their programs and after receiving our first raw breakfast I was convinced that cleansing with Joanne’s raw food could be a delight in itself. Juicing, however, was a little more challenging but both Joanne and Kevin were there to offer their support and suggestions at just the right time. I quickly realized how it helped me to define and refine my body while providing all of its nutritional needs. The mental clarity, balance and definition I achieved was incomparable. I would highly recommend The Healing Cuisine to anyone visiting Santa Teresa/Mal Pais, Costa Rica.”

Julia Stegner, Victoria’s Secret Model | New York, NY

“I had heard some very good things about Joanne and was excited and really looking forward to my first raw food experience with The Healing Cuisine. What Joanne created was more than I could have expected, a delicious satisfying and enlightening meal. I enjoyed every bite with anticipation for the next course. Dessert was unbelievable, rich, decadent and healthy! Thank you Joanne, for putting us on the path.”

Anthony Rhulen, Film Producer | Los Angeles, CA

“Every time I come to Costa Rica I do a 5 day cleanse with Joanne! I feel amazing and light and everyone notices a glow in my skin. This year I did it with a friend and she loved it. Joanne paces it so well that you never feel hungry. When you come off it , your whole attitude to food changes. You want healthy and live food in your system. Thanks Joanne!”

Nadia Narain, Yoga Instructor | London, UK

“I know that eating raw is best for my health, but it’s often hard to get motivated to prepare my own meals.
Joanne makes it so easy to eat healthfully. Even a 7 day cleanse goes by effortlessly because everything tastes so fresh and delicious.”

Isaac Gartner, Surfer, Computer Proffesional, RMT | Playa Carmen, Costa Rica

“Joanne was my savior while I was in Costa Rica..!! I was on a very strict cleanse and she met all my food requirements while creating the yummiest tasting dishes… I felt so healthy and alive eating her meals… I wish she could move to LA and cook for me and friends… Joanne is also so informative when it comes to health. She is definitely on a path to healing through food and her perfect preparation of her dishes… I highly recommended her to anyone traveling through Costa Rica!”

Brittany Daniel, Actor | Hollywood, CA

“I am writing to tell anyone who will listen about my experience with Joanne Gerrard and the Healing Cuisine. First a little about me, I am a health food and cleanse enthusiast. I have been interested in and persistently, pursuing news about the newest discoveries in wellness for over 15 years, I have also been experimenting with my diet for as long to see what works for me. Early on I learned about and experienced the benefits of juice fasting. I have probably done one to two juice fast per year during this time. I have gone to spas to do them or did them for myself at home. I can honestly say that The Healing Cuisine’s juice fast cleanse far surpasses any other I have ever done! I just recently completed my second juice fast with Joanne this past December and I can still feel the cleanse although I was not perfect over the holidays it made it easier to get back on track come January, which tells me it was a very good cleanse. The reason I do cleanses is to center and reset myself and to support myself in my quest for health. I have never had such incredible releases in on any other cleanse. And finally I think Joanne is one of the most caring, nurturing people I have ever come across and this coupled with her extensive knowledge of food as medicine makes what she offers unbeatable. Thank you Joanne!”

Alice Kabukuru, Supermodel | New York, NY

“I had a very wonderful experience participating in the five day cleanse with Joanne. Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner prepared daily, all-be-it liquids for three of the days, felt like being pampered and nurtured! Plus, everything was delicious! Joanne was very knowledgeable and informative about the entire process. I learned things about natural ingredients, nutrition and my health that I will cherish for life! Once I began the process I became a full believer in the benefits of cleansing. Much to my surprise I did not feel hungry to an uncomfortable degree. Actually, I felt quite proud to be doing something so beneficial for myself! During and after the cleanse I felt so vivacious, an enormous sense of well being and had such wonderful mental clarity & energy. And people noticed! I received so many nice compliments, that I seemed very grounded & present & that I was glowing to name a few! I also loved having an excellent excuse to nap in the afternoons! I truly only regretted not signing up for the seven day cleanse! An amazing detox experience that I will definitely do again!”

Danielle Davis, Business Owner | Santa Teresa, CR

“I just finished a wonderful cleanse with Joanne, and my body and mind feel great! I didn’t think it’d be possible to do this without feeling deprived, but Joanne’s planning and care made me feel supported and nourished from start to finish. In fact, I already miss her yummy juices now that it’s over! I learned easy and effective ways to take what I experienced home with me so that I can live a healthier more balanced life, even with my intensely busy schedule. Thank you Joanne for helping me see how healthy eating can be a reality and not a hassle. I’m so grateful!”

Amy Lombardo, Wellness Counselor, Coach, Yoga Teacher | Boston, MA

“Thank you for a great experience in Costa Rica. The juice cleanse was fab and I felt super skinny in my bikini. Your daily deliveries to my hotel door kept me on schedule and very disciplined. The best thing, though, was taking your raw food workshops while coming off the cleanse. The delicious raw dishes were so easy to prepare, and even better than the cooked food we’d been eating! Since returning to New York, I’ve used your nutritional tips and totally converted to the raw food diet. I have more energy, my skin looks amazing, and the back pain I used to suffer from has completely vanished. Your workshop inspired me to change my lifestyle, and I am forever grateful.”

Angel Chang, Fashion Designer | New York, NY

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