You’ve been hearing it for a while now…
foods are healing.

But you love eating the food you know: the food you grew up eating. It‘s your comfort food. Bread, pasta, chips and soda – it‘s what you know.

You also know that you really want transformation and you need to change your diet and learn the skills to create more plant-based meals. Wouldn’t it be AHmazing to create healthy anti-inflammatory foods that support your immune system and WOW your taste buds!

if you’re ready to elevate your eating habits and experience enlightened living I’m here for you.

Joanne Gerrard Young

I’m Joanne Gerrard Young, and I want to welcome you to The Healing Cuisine, I’m deeply grateful for your being here. If you’ve been drawn to this page, chances are you’re being guided to change the way you currently nourish yourself, your family and community.
Maybe you’re wondering if I’m the right person to help?

Allow me to clarify…

I’ve been loving and creating gluten and allergen-free plant-based foods for over 25 years. I’m an International Chef, Conscious Entrepreneur and raised my two awe-inspiring beautiful boys, with my profoundly philosophical husband Kevin Young, in the jungle of Costa Rica. One we birthed in the coastal mountains of British Columbia, the other in the rancho next to our home at the beach in Santa Teresa. In this life, we have been blessed with our children, and the great honor of being in service to the most AHmazing clients, holding space for incredible health transformations.

Here’s something most people don’t know about me – I struggle with food cravings, overeating, and ask myself what on Mother Earth am I going to make for dinner?

But seriously though, I’m an overeater.

The food journey that led me to the bountiful glory of healthy eating was anything but glorious. I was a competitive dancer and my body, according to my choreographer, if I was not careful, was about to explode. So I obsessed with keeping weight off plus I was obsessed with food that I loved to the point that I could not stop eating. I couldn’t not eat, but I tried. Then I tried binging and purging. Overeating to the point of pain was a familiar feeling. I had to admit to myself that something was misaligned. Being aware and welcoming change are the first steps to the expansion required to rewire the circuits and make the shift towards simple mindful meals that heal.

It all comes down to this – our food choices have a huge impact on our lives, an impact on our families, our communities and ultimately on Mother Earth.  When we choose to eliminate foods that contain toxic chemicals that are known carcinogens, hormone disruptors and neurotoxins we begin to make an enormous contribution to our own physical and mental health and the health of the planet. This choice not only impacts how we feel physically but how we feel emotionally and can have a positive effect on behavioral issues, autoimmune disease, inflammatory diseases, and learning disorders.

Every time a client or student comes back to me and says something like…

• You’ve changed my life
• I’m so inspired
• My back pain went away
• My son thanked me for making him food that doesn’t hurt his tummy
• My skin issues cleared up
• I feel like I can think more clearly and the ideas come flowing out of me
• My digestion is on point
• I feel like a new person
• My grey hair is growing back black
• My cysts have disappeared

I know that I am being guided on this path to do what I came here to do.

“Not only is Joanne speaking to the needs of the world population…but she herself is providing the culinary art that is the best of the best that I’ve ever delighted in.”

– Viktoras Kulvinskas, the “Godfather of Raw Food”, Author, co-founder with Ann Wigmore of the Hippocrates Institute

Just like Viktoras, Joanne’s clients and students know she has a way of weaving energetic and life filled foods into every day meals.  It is with great honor and inspiration she receives this title and has truly enjoyed the ability to integrate living foods to her highly plant-based repertoire of recipes and to become a part of the movement towards a more compassionate planet.

In addition to providing easy access to healthy lactose/dairy free, gluten free,  live superfoods, and macrobiotic recipes. Joanne has expanded her services to include online plant-based cooking courses and her Raw Food Chef Certification are available to anyone with internet access. Joanne offers consultations for individuals or restaurants looking to expand their plant-based menus and feel AHmazing.

Since the beginning, Joanne has emphasized the delicious simplicity of healing with whole chemical free foods.

Joanne is here to support your transformation and guide you through the expansion of your food knowledge to experience elevated eating and enlightened living.

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